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godding and godding 123 facial pack

123 Facial Pack

The Godding and Godding 123 Facial pack is a favorite of customers around the country and we are happy to re-introduce the 123 Cleanse – Tone – Moisturise pack Online.

You may have seen these perfect gift packs in Dullstroom or at select distribitors and now online at SILK.

These facial packs have everything needed for a complete facial rejuvenation. Wash tone and moisturise with Silk enriched cleanser, toner and moisturizing cream.

Gift packs

With Christmas around the corner, get one of our entirely unique gift Silk packs. From pillow case and scrunchie combo’s to the ever popular Facial 123 pack from Godding & Godding.

Factor 50 Sunscreen

Protect your skin with Godding & Godding Silk enriched factor 50 sunscreen.

The blistering heat we are experiencing around the world has seen record temperatures and with those record temperatures, record levels of skin cancer in it’s various forms.

It is absolutely essential to use factor 50 sunscreen to effectively protect your skin from the harmful effects of radiation from the sun.

Godding & Godding factor 50 sunscreen is effective, affordable and is enriched with the natural healing compounds in silk to help defend your skin against the sun.

Silk Scrunchies

Natural Mulberry Silk does not absorb the moisture in your hair, leaving it hydrated and less brittle.

The smooth, soft texture of silk helps to  prevent hair damage caused from tangled, frizzy hair and promotes shiny, healthy and soft hair. 

A scrunchie made from our 100% natural mulberry silk can be combined with a silk pillowcase for maximum benefit to both your hair and skin.